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Donna Olsen

Welcome to Stone Valley 6th grade core!


I have been in education for 25 years after graduating from the University of Arizona majoring in English.

What really gets me excited about teaching are all the wonderful students that I get to see everyday. Learning something from them everyday, it is so much fun to see them learn and grow.

I love the positive attitude of the children, staff, and parents. Since my husband grew up in Alamo and my two sister-in-laws went to Stone Valley the first year it opened, I feel a deep history and connectedness with the community.

Reading remains a hobby because books allow me to travel into other times--traveling is my passion. It all started when I was five years old and my family took a summer camping trip around Europe. Since then, it became a family tradition. We have continued that tradition with my son.

I really look forward to meeting each and every one of my students, as I know that this year will be one to remember. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me: 

Donna Olsen's Locker

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Core 6 Syllabus

Stone Valley Middle School

Principal Jon Campopiano, Assistant Principal Sandy Kontilis,

Counselor Chelsea Rivas, Counselor Lauren Haynes, Office Manager Denise True



Dear Sixth Grade Students and Parents,

Welcome to Stone Valley Middle School!  The Sixth Grade Core has planned many exciting and challenging activities for this year.  We want to emphasize how important your role is as an active member of our team.  With students, parents, and teachers working together, we will have a successful year. 

Attached you will find information concerning student supplies, Sixth Grade Core policies, and SRVUSD Content Standards.  We hope that you will feel free to contact us with any concerns that you may have.  We know it will be a rewarding and productive year.



The Sixth Grade Core Team 

Allie Haas:

Amelia Caldwell:

Donna Olsen:

Trish Slomowitz:




I have read the attached CORE Information Packet. 

PRINT: Student Name__________________________________________


Parent Signature________________________________________________











The following is a list of supplies for Sixth Grade CORE: some changes may occur based upon teacher preferences. 

  1. 1.5 inch binder 
  2. 5 subject dividers 
  3. College ruled binder paper (200 sheets) 
  4. Two 100 page Mead small composition notebooks
  5. Two packages (3X3) sticky notes
  6. Two black or blue ink pens, 2 red pens
  7. Two #2 pencils & one large eraser
  8. 2 glue sticks
  9. 12 pack colored pencils 
  10. 12 pack colored markers
  11. One pair of scissors
  12. One twelve inch ruler
  13. Large zippered binder pouch for carrying supplies
  14. Hole reinforcements
  15. Highlighter (except purple)
  16. Black Sharpie, Fine Marker 




















Daily homework assignments will not be accepted after the due date.  Long-term homework assignments (projects and extended writings) will be accepted up to three days late, dropping a grade for each day they are late.  Late work from excused absences will be accepted late as outlined in the Time Tracker

Time limits on homework:

  • No more than 1 hour, 20 minutes per course per week
  • No more than 20 minutes per night per course
  • Weekend homework, if assigned, shall not exceed 20 minutes per course

Middle school projects and long-term assignments: 

  • Project- based assignments shall primarily be undertaken and completed in the classroom.
  • In-class time will be provided for group work collaboration, while some specific tasks can will be completed independently. 
  • Projects shall be limited in number and duration, shall not require significant assistance from parents or the purchase of materials. 
  • Projects will include clear checkpoints before the due date. 


It is important that every student have a “Homework Buddy”.  This is someone students can check with to resolve any confusion about homework assignments.



All graded assignments are given a point value.  Unit projects and tests are normally given a higher point value.   

Percentage grades are as follows: 

100-90           A

89-80             B

79-70             C

69-60                D

Below 60       F








At Stone Valley, we believe that time management and organization are essential for academic success. The use of the Time Tracker will be an integral part of every classroom on campus, and students will be expected to bring and use their Time Tracker every day.

Time Tracker - Students copy down weekly assignments. 

School Loop ® Weekly lesson plans are listed by teacher. Student assignments and grades are listed.  Teachers keep School Loop assignments and grades current with weekly updates.

 Progress Reports – Midway through the grading period a Progress Report is provided via School Loop to parents of any student whose grade is “C-“ or below.

Quarterly and Semester Report cards are available via Infinite Campus Parent Portal.



 All students are expected to abide by the Stone Valley Discipline Code and behavior guidelines outlined in the Student Time Tracker.  All students will be expected to exercise courtesy, cooperation, and common sense.  Each student, in return, can expect to be treated with respect and courtesy by the members of the 6th grade team.


It is our belief that being on time to classes, meetings, and appointments are important traits directly related to success in school and one’s chosen career.  When a student enters the classroom late, disruption occurs.  It is during the first part of the period when the lesson objectives are explained, assignments corrected, and new assignments discussed.  Please help us reinforce this belief by making sure your child is at school no later than 8:10 a.m. (first bell).

Students arriving at school after 8:15 a.m. must sign in at the attendance office before going to class.  Consequences for unexcused tardies (per quarter):

   1st offense:  Teacher documentation

   2nd offense:  Teacher documentation and lunch detention

   3rd offense:  Teacher documentation, after school detention, parent contact, and loss of         school social   privileges (i.e. dances, school/class activities, etc.)

  4th offense:  Saturday School

  5th +:  Students unable to correct their habitual tardiness will be placed on a student attendance contract.  The contract will specify consequences for subsequent tardiest.  It may include one or all of the following:  additional assignment to Saturday school; school suspension for repeated willful defiance; being dropped from the class and assigned to summer school to make up the class; referral to Student Success Team (SST) prior to referral to School Attendance Review Board  (SARB).





PEDs (such as cellular phones and other electronic devices) may be brought to school and used only for teacher-directed instructional purposes, as determined by teachers. 

Students may bring PEDs to school for emergencies, however, phones must be powered off and put away while school is in session (8:10 – 2:43). The used of PEDs at lunch, snack break, and passing periods is NOT ALLOWED.

Not following the PED policy may result in confiscation of device and/or disciplinary action. Confiscated devices must be picked up by a parent or guardian in the front office at the end of the day. All use of devices are subject to the terms of the SRVUSD Acceptable Use Policy.

Communication During School Hours:
Students: In the event of an emergency (i.e. illness, a schedule change of a school sponsored activity, etc.), students may use the office phone to notify parents.



Parents: If you have an emergency and need to reach your student, please call our main office number (925) 855-5800 and every effort will be made to get your emergency message to your child as soon as possible.  



 Students are expected to:

  • Walk quietly through the halls at all times as not to disrupt classes
  • Keep hallways clear so others can access classroom doors
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself
  • Respect others and their belongings
  • Put all trash in the garbage cans
  • Have a hall pass during class time
  • Play in the designated areas (basketball courts and field)

 The supervising staff will address infractions.










Stone Valley Middle School is committed to developing students of character.  The PRIDE acronym clearly defines the five expected community behaviors of personal responsibility, respect, integrity, dependability and effort (PRIDE).  

Being a member of the PRIDE means that the student is responsible for Academic Integrity at Stone Valley Middle School.  Students will take the time to do his/her own class work.  Students will honestly try to learn without cheating, forging, lying, or taking shortcuts on homework, projects, and exams that he/she knows to be wrong.  Cheating is deemed to have occurred when a teacher has reasonable suspicion as follows:

  • Providing one’s own work to be copied by another student.
  • Using the Internet as a resource without directly citing the source.
  • Plagiarizing, or using the words or ideas of others in a paper without giving them credit.
  • Exhibiting inappropriate behaviors during a test, such as talking, copying answers, looking at another student’s test paper, etc.
  • Communicating exam information or answers during or following an exam.
  •  Working with others on projects that are assigned as individual work.
  • Forging someone else’s signature.
  • Using a cell phone, email, palm or electronic device to share testing information.
  • Obtaining information in any manner not directed by the teacher.


Consequences will apply as follows: 

            -1st Offense: Will receive no credit, discipline notice will be filed and parent notification.

            -2nd Offense: One-day suspension/Saturday School, loss of grade earned on assignment and parent notification.

         -3rd Offense: One to three days suspension/Saturday School, loss of grade earned on assignment and parent notification.

             - 4th offense:  Saturday School

              -5th +:  Students unable to correct their habitual tardiness will be placed on a student attendance contract.  The contract will specify consequences for subsequent tardiest.  It may include one or all of the following:  additional assignment to Saturday school; school suspension for repeated willful defiance; being dropped from the class and assigned to summer school to make up the class; referral to Student Success Team (SST) prior to referral to School Attendance Review Board  (SARB).

Stone Valley Middle School does not distinguish between “degrees” of seriousness:  cheating is cheating, which includes forgery, regardless of the weight of the assignment.








6th Grade Content and Standards 


Language arts will follow the Common Core State Standards and be presented through a variety of classroom novels, short stories, poetry and writing assignments.  


History and Social Studies will also follow the Common Core State Standards for Literacy in Social Studies and will be present with California Ancient History Content Standards for Grade 6. 

For more information on the CCSS: 


























3001 Miranda Avenue

Alamo, Ca  94507



Kyle (my son) and Chloe (my niece) having fun in Canada
Kitt, the cutest member of the family

Donna Olsen Locker

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Current Assignments
Social Studies 6


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