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Karen Jacobs



I have been a special education teacher in San Ramon Valley School District since 1998. 

I have attended several universities, including SUNY at Albany, the University of Arizona, and Cal State Hayward.  


I have two brothers with Dyslexia and many brilliant friends, who as adults, admit to having had learning problems in school.  I really believe that students who have to work hard, who learn how to struggle, but who know how to get up and try over and over again, will outshine their peers.  A disability is a small part of who they are.  What you become is what you make of the rest. 


Reading is a passion of mine that I try to pass on to the students.  I am very proud of my class library.  I have read many of the books and I try to update it constantly.  I love science and math as well.  I have taken many classes and seminars on reading, writing and math because I am always inspired and then excited to share.  I love learning how to learn and how the brain works.  This is information I think is important to share with students.


A big difficulty for many students is organizing and planning.  These are essential skills for success in adult life.  I find if I can address these, then the rest is easier.  

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